Local Abandoned Animals

Each year there are thousands of animals who enter the doors of our County Shelters, yet there continues to be additional animals being sold in 
pet stores.  That's FETCH! chooses to support, feature and promote the rescue of local County shelter animals.  We ask the next time you consider adding a new Furbaby to your family you consider adopting from a local shelter.


Charity of Choice

That's FETCH! understands the challenges of our local County animal shelters.  To assist to make an active difference in our community, That's FETCH! will share a variety of opportunities to raise money to fund the emergency medical treatments, life saving surgeries, and behavioral intervention for local shelter animals. The SBC Animal Care Foundation is an all-volunteer 501 c 3 organization whose efforts touch the thousands of animals who pass through the county shelters annually.  Funding supports medical treatment, behavioral intervention, and quality of life of shelter animals, as well as local community education.  To find out more about SBC Animal Care Foundation visit www.sbcanimalcare.org.

Pawz 4 Philantrophy 


That's FETCH! Grooming Spaw

15% of all Pampered Pooch and Content Cat Special Day Spaw Packages are donated to our Charity of Choice


Donation Jar Praise

A donation jar is placed on our check-out counter and praises are given each time someone donates change or bills to the jar. 


Store Donations

Once a month That's FETCH! will provide one local organization a gift basket donation for an event fundraiser.  Priority is given to organizations that benefit animals.  A request letter should be received at least 45 days prior to the date of the fundraising event to be considered.  Animal related 501 c 3 organizations are given precedence.