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Hours of Operation

Friday-Wednesday (closed Thursday):
10:00 am – 6:00 pm


10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Extended hours for Holidays & Special Events


Visit Us

3564 Skyway Drive

(The Skyway Center)

Santa Maria, CA 93455


T: 805-361-0802
ThatsFETCH805 at

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That's FETCH! is meant to be a fun and relaxing place for families to visit and enjoy time with their pets.  Because of this, there are inherent responsibilities and liabilities assumed of each parent/guardian/owner

All people and pets enter That's FETCH! at their own risk.  Animal safety risks to people and pets are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian/owner and/or self.

That's FETCH! assumes no responsibility or liability for any accident/injury to any dog, child, and/or adult while at the That's FETCH! store or anywhere on the Skyway Center property.

​Pets are to be leashed.  Children and pets are to be well behaved and stay close to their parent/guardian/owner and monitored at all times.

Parents are asked to use caution with children around unknown animals.

Because pets may react  differently while leashed, pets are to be given space while in the store.  People and other animals should not crowd an unknown pet.

Pets must be licensed and have their vaccinations up-to-date.

No pets in heat are allowed in the store.

No aggressive animals are allowed in the store.

Parents/guardians/owners are responsible for damaged items.

Parent/guardians/owners will clean up any waste after their pet within That's FETCH! store and outside the store within the Shopping Center complex.

That's FETCH! staff has  the right to ask a parent/guardian/owner and their pet and/or child to leave the store.


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