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Pet Food

Annamaet Holistic Natural Dry Food is the reason we carry pet food in our bowtique.  From personal experience this USA, family owned pet food company's products are far superior to what you will find on the market, and equally important- it is a pet food that can be trusted. It is one of a few US pet food companies certified in the European Union; this is mentionable because the EU has stricter guidelines on what can go into pet food than in the US. Annamaet's owner, Rob Downey is a Scientist & Nutritionist. He combines his unique education and passion for pets to make a food that is superior quality, affordable, and that pets love. His recipes and ingredients are consistent batch after batch. He does not switch ingredients for what is most cost affective at that moment. His foods are scientifically perfected to break down in the digestive system to provide your pet with the most complete bioavailable nutrition for their needs. Come by That's FETCH! and get your free sample today. 

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Nulo Dog & Cat Food

When Nulo's Founder Micheal began researching into why there were so many pet food issues. He discovered that most pet food recipes were about as nutritionally beneficial as fast food is for humans; made with empty calories that came from filler ingredients. In fact, Michael found that most major pet food brands contain more than 40% carb fillers and use high levels of plant-based proteins instead of real meat protein. Recipes that are low in animal proteins and high in carbs can pose grave health issues for our carnivorous companions. This leads to fatigue, immunodeficiency and obesity-related diabetes. Nulo’s recipes are exactly what animals need. They’re high in animal-based protein, low in carbs and use low-glycemic ingredients to promote healthy body conditions and stable energy. Nulo also adds a patented probiotic to aid with digestion that survives the cooking process, shelf life and is viable in your pet’s digestive tract. All of the ingredients are carefully selected with intention and purpose.

Fromm Family Wet Dog Food

Fromm Family Gold Canned Pate 

Evanger's Hand Packed

Evanger's Grain Free Hand Packed Canned Dog Food

    Whole Chicken Thighs and Drummets

Fromm Family Gold Canned Pate

Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals' Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

    Lamb Recipe and Beef Recipe



All people and pets enter That’s FETCH! at their own risk.  Animal safety risks to people and pets are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian/owner and/or self.

That's FETCH! assumes no responsibility or liability for any accident/injury to any dog, child, and/or adult while at the That’s FETCH! store or anywhere on the Skyway Center property.

Pets are to be leashed.  Children and pets are to be well behaved and stay close to their parent/guardian/owner and monitored at all times.

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