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The Bowtique

That's FETCH! provides many goods and services tailored to pet owners who view their pets as family and want to provide them with the best.

We carry CBD oils, balm and salve for people and pets!

Products for Sale in Store
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Pet Food, Toys, Treats, Pet Apparel, Beds, Grooming, Special Needs, For the Kitties, Small Animal, For the Humans, CBD


 The That's FETCH! Pet Bowtique offers one-stop convenience and includes quality high-end and unique collars, harnesses, leashes, dishes, beds, blankets, pet carriers, clothing, feeders, dog and cat food, toys, furniture, spa items, memorial items, jewelry pieces, special-needs products for pets, and homeopathic options, as well as fun items for the pet parent.  Bowtique items are high-quality and many are unique, handmade or naturally produced.  The Bowtique has friendly, knowledgeable staff to give customers a sense of ease and excitement in finding the right item for their Furbaby's needs.


That's FETCH! cares about all animals in our community.  We make a point to draw attention to the need for loving, caring homes for our County's abandoned shelter animals. We encourage the community to save a life and "Opt to Adopt".


That's FETCH! offers a retail experience that is PAWsitively unique to the area.  Well behaved two and four-legged customers are welcomed into our store to enjoy the attention to an array of subliminal delights with details to the positive stimulation of the six senses; color, texture, relaxing music, aromatherapy, artwork and quality products.  That's FETCH! wants customers to feel like family and visit the store out of desire, as well as need.  No other pet stores in the area has the combination of products, services, customer service and community involvement that That's FETCH! has to offer.


Petuccinos- our signature warm hand-blended drinks for pets

       Small $1.99                      Medium  $2.99                      Large $3.49 

What fun!!!  The Beastro offers a variety of "Petuccinos"- warm, flavored pet drinks that are made-to-order. Our Petbarista can whip up a specially blended Petuccino beverage for your Furbaby to drink in-house or to-go.  The handcrafted pet beverage comes in a variety of sizes and flavors blended from human-grade ingredients.  Choose from a variety of pet cookies and desserts, as well as freshly prepared daily Canine Cuisine specials. Our Beastro Bar is designed with the safety and comfort of your Furbaby in mind, with freshly cleaned bowls and dividers to give privacy while dining.  The lounge area offers fun seating for Furbabies and their pet parents to sit down, relax and enjoy quality time together.  Pet parents can enjoy a complimentary drink with purchase, loaner book (while relaxing), and Wi-Fi are available.


The Yippee Skippee 
  Warm Chicken Beverage                                                  
                                                                                    The Wiggle Butt

                                                                                                                    Warm Beef Beverage


            The Hugglesworth

             Warm Peanut Butter Beverage


Canine Cuisine

                 That's FETCH! Specialties                                                                  Daily Specials
        Small Serving $2.49          Large Serving $3.99 
                         *Large Serving size shown in photos

     Canine Risotto                     Canine Pizza                    Canine Fondue


All people and pets enter That’s FETCH! at their own risk.  Animal safety risks to people and pets are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian/owner and/or self.

That's FETCH! assumes no responsibility or liability for any accident/injury to any dog, child, and/or adult while at the That’s FETCH! store or anywhere on the Skyway Center property.

Pets are to be leashed.  Children and pets are to be well behaved and stay close to their parent/guardian/owner and monitored at all times.

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