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       Grooming Spaw
 Sorry we are currently NOT accepting new clients!
What makes the That's FETCH! Grooming Spaw different?

It is all about quality, rather than quantity, as your pet is treated like family.  The That's FETCH! Grooming Spaw takes pet grooming to the next level.  We offer a variety of grooming and spaw options to serve a variety of needs for stylish and pampered dogs, and dog friendly cats.  Similar to a human spa experience, each pet will receive the undivided attention from their Spaw Specialist during their appointment.  Rooms are relaxing and calm, and attention is paid to the individual experience for your Furbaby, so pet parents need not worry as their Furbaby's Spaw appointment is designed specifically to maximize the amount of personalized pampering time and minimize stress and separation anxiety.  


The cost of Grooming Spaw services is determined by the size of the dog, length and condition of the pet's coat, and the time required for the appointment.


Customers with regular standing appointments are honored with added perks. 


  • Grooming services include B & B (Bath and Brush), Tidy-up Trim, and Full Service Grooming packages.  All packages include an Aromatherapy Bath, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, and Anal Gland expression. Additional services include Flea Baths, Deep Coat Conditioners, Nail Grinding, Nail Polish, non-toxic Fur Coloring, Glitter Tattoos, Feather Extensions, Teeth Brushing and Facial Scrubs.  That's FETCH! also offers Kitty Brush-outs and Nail Trims for dog-friendly cats.  Want to treat your pet on their Special Day?  Choose a Pampered Pooch or Content Cat Package.


Coming Soon

  • Wellness services include a variety of treatments to calm and relax pets and promote an overall sense of wellbeing and balance.  The Spaw treatment menu includes: Reiki, Heated Massage, a choice of one of four Mud Bath Massage options, Custom Aromatherapy Massage, and Moisturizing Pawdicures.

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