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Meet Our Grooming Spaw Specialists

Colette- Stylist

Meet Colette Florey. Miss Colette oversees the That's FETCH! Grooming Spaw. She has been a pet groomer since 2008, and loves her job. She has worked within the salon world and understands what is missing in the normal salon experience to put your pet's experience first and foremost. It is her vision to provide a relaxing stress-free Spaw environment for your Furbaby, ensuring each pet is given undivided attention by their Grooming Spaw Specialist and cherished like family.  


Cute young woman kisses and hugs her pup

Meet Isabella Moreno. Raised in a family of professional barbers, grooming comes naturally to her.  As a seasoned groomer,  Isabella is valued for her professional and positive attitude. As an artistic and skilled groomer she loves the end result of each groom, and enjoys the individual personality of each and every Furbaby client. 

Isabella- Stylist
Janae (2).png
Janae- Stylist

Meet Janae Amador. Janae is a seasoned Groomer. She is valued for the special way she communicates with her Furbaby clients, and his technical skill. She is able to gain clients' trust easily, so they can relax into their spaw time with her gentle touch and calming manner.

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet
Cody- Groomer's Assistant

Meet Cody Dugan. When Cody is in the presence of a Fur baby he is the gentlest human you will ever see. This has a direct effect upon the pups.  He sees each Furbaby as a precious four-legged friend, and treats them as he would his own.  

Basset Hound Check-Up
Dzi- Grooming Extern

Meet Dzi. Dzi has a very empathetic and kind heart. Their positive and reassuring energy accepts and appreciates each little (and BIG) furbaby client as a precious and unique being they want to get to know better. Dzi is currently a grooming extern and plans to specialize in grooming for senior & special needs animals. 

Girl Hugging her Dog


Meet Holly Pruitt. Holly joined the team in 2022. Many of you know her by her polite and friendly voice as she answers you calls on Fridays and Saturdays. She is a very caring employee, and does her best to accommodate your appointment needs. She will go out of her way to make your experience a good one.   

Holly- Front Desk/Groomer's Assistant
Blow Drying
Brandi- Front Desk/Bather

Meet Brandi Janke. Brandi is like our own Dr. Dolittle as she talks to the dogs throughout each grooming. They look at her as though they understands her every word and caring demeanor. She understands and appreciates the precious uniqueness of each furbaby client, and validates their being. 

Taking a Break
Ryleigh- Bather

Meet Ryleigh MacLean. Ryleigh is all about the health & wellbeing for your furbaby. She is planning to go on to become a Veterinarian and knows that her time as a bather will help prepare her for her next chapter.  Whether it is an awareness of your pup's skin or coat condition, mobility or behavior, Ryleigh is on the alert for anything she sees that might be out of the ordinary or in need of attention.  


Meet Linda Greco. Linda understands the level of love and devotion our companion animals bring to our lives.  Her love of animals added to her dedication to making an active difference in the lives of companion animals in our community has resulted in a business with a heart, soul and purpose.  That's FETCH! is a lifestyle center meant to offer quality, and encourage friendship, joy, enlightenment, and to highlight our County's amazing shelter animals.  

Linda- Front Desk
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