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Paw-It Forward


That's FETCH! offers a variety of community classes to educate eager pet parents or pet parents-to-be. 
To register for a class visit our store, or call 361-0802.  
Visit the Event Calendar page for a list of upcoming Paw-It Forward Community Classes, Special Events and prices.
Classes are held at the store, and light refreshments are provided.  Due to limited space classes are for pet parent/s only.
We would love to hear from you.  To request a topic, share your idea through our That's FETCH! suggestion box located near our customer service check-out counter.  
Unless stated otherwise, 50% of the registration fee of all Paw-It Forward Community Classes are donated to our Charity of Choice. 


All people and pets enter That’s FETCH! at their own risk.  Animal safety risks to people and pets are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian/owner and/or self.​

That’s FETCH! assumes no responsibility of any accident/injury to any dog, child, and/or adult while at the That’s FETCH! store or anywhere on the Skyway Center property.​

Children and pets are to be well behaved and stay close to their parent/guardian/owner and monitored at all times.

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