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That’s FETCH! gives back to the community by providing a variety of charitable opportunities. That’s FETCH!would like to raise the bar to challenge other pet stores throughout the nation to assist in the placement of homeless county shelter animals.  That’s FETCH! partners with the local County Animal Services to feature adoptable shelter animals at our store. Adoptable County Shelter dogs, cats,  and bunnies visit the store on a regular basis. To adopt and rescue a shelter animal please visit a local animal shelter near you.


That’s FETCH! offers a variety of pet Yappy B-day and Howliday PAWty options.  You and your Furbaby can enjoy a That’s FETCH! hosted Yappy B-day PAWty or Howliday PAWty and meet new friends celebrating a special day  Or, you can schedule a Special Spaw Day to celebrate and pamper that furry little love of your life.  PAWties are one-hour in length and hosted by a Bowtique Expert in a specially designated area of the store.

Special Events

Special Spaw days can be scheduled as per availability.  All pets and parents must be well mannered to attend.  15% of all Yappy B-day and Howliday PAWties, and Special Spaw Days are donated to our Charity of Choice.


That's FETCH! offers a variety of community classes to educate eager pet parents or pet parents-to-be.  To view a list of topics visit our Event Calendar page.  To request a topic, share your idea through our That's FETCH! suggestion box located near our customer service counter.  Unless otherwise stated, 50% of the registration fee of all Paw-It Forward Community Classes are donated to our Charity of Choice.  


That's FETCH! offers a variety of special events throughout the year with a portion of the proceeds benefiting our Charity of Choice.  For more information visit our Event Calendar page. 

The That's FETCH! Howling Donation Jar is placed on our check-out counter and howls are given each time someone donates change or bills to the jar. 


The commitment of one monthly gift basket will be donated to a local community 501 c 3 non-profit organization for fundraising purposes. Preference is given to Animal related 501 c 3 organizations.  See Pawz 4 Philantropy page for more details.


    Charity of Choice--


That's FETCH! understands the challenges of our local County animal shelters.  To assist to make an active difference in our community That's FETCH! is a supporter of the SBC Animal Care Foundation.  The SBC Animal Care Foundation is an all-volunteer 501 c 3 organization whose efforts touch the thousands of animals who pass through the county shelters annually. Funding supports medical treatment of shelter animals, quality of life of shelter animals, beyond affordable public spay and neuter programs, and local community education.  To find out more about SBC Animal Care Foundation visit

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