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That's FETCH! Event Calendar



All people and pets enter That’s FETCH! at their own risk.  Animal safety risks to people and pets are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian/owner and/or self.

That’s FETCH! assumes no responsibility of any accident/injury to any dog, child, and/or adult while at the That’s FETCH! store or anywhere on the Skyway Center property.

Children and pets are to be well behaved and stay close to their parent/guardian/owner and monitored at all times.

March-                Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month
                                         Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month
    5-11-       Professional Pet Sitters Week 
    10-           2018 Preparedness Expo. Visit the That's FETCH! Booth at the Alex Madonna Expo                           Center, SLO. Learn how to keep your entire family safe. 
    13-            K-9 Veterans Day
   19-25         National Animal Poison Prevention Week
     22-            Paw-It Forward  Community Class- "Is Pet Insurance worth it?" with Guest                             Speaker: Cheryl Mehm.  Register at That's FETCH! or call 361-0802; cost $5 per Pet                         Parent (100% donation to SBC Animal Care Foundation).
    23-            National Puppy Day
    30-            Take a Walk in The Park Day
April-                      Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Awareness Month
    9-15-       Every Day is Tag Day 
    8-14-       National Bite Prevention Week    
    9-15-       National Animal Services Appreciation Week 
    11-           National Pet Day
    16-22-     National Animal Cruelty Appreciation Week 
     24-          National Pet Parent Day
     26-          National Kids & Pets Day- Share a favorite photo of your kids and pets
     30-          National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
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